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Gaël Hallier
Gael Hallier
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Demians / Vetha / Sikh
  • Country: France

Gaël was born in Nice, southern France, on January 4th, 1981.

After four years of studying drums in a local school, he started learning on is own being influenced by Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Death, Metallica.

He later studied jazz and latin music with Jean-Paul Ceccarelli at the CNR in Nice and running a musicology course in high school.

Since 2002 Gaël has been holding the sticks for two Metal bands, VETHA and SIKH. The band SIKH released two albums and shared stages with lots of famous bands like (Hed)Pe (European tour 2006), Gojira...

In the summer of 2008, Gaël entered the band Demians as a member of the live band. The band is currently touring Europe with Anathema and the album "Building An Empire" has received rave reviews from the press worldwide.

About Zildjian, Gaël says:"I always was fascinated by the sound of Zildijan cymbals, which are a model of smoothness and musical quality. I love their sustain, the acoustic colors that they bring out, they are perfect for approaching multiple atmospheres and they compliment the many different environments in the music of Demians perfectly. I require versatile cymbals, with character, crisp yet colorful, it's only in Zildjian cymbals that I found all these characteristics joined together.

I find in A Custom Series all the sounds that I need for my drumming, a modern sound which also enables me to sound musical in every situation, for discreetly colouring a soft ambiance as well as for violently dominating walls of amplifiers. Then Zildjian is ideal for my musical requirements.

I expect from Zildjian the best advice and their legendary seriousness for bringing me all that I need for Demians.I always directed my pupils and my friends towards Zildjian cymbals, and that would be an immense pleasure to work with the brand for my musical projects.

On a side note, but very important one nonetheless, Richard who's the manager of the band, already works with Zildjian for Gojira, so everyone involved in the band has already had the opportunity to notice how serious the brand is, and Zildjian's abilities to react.

We expect a lot of touring later this year, and we won't be stopping anytime soon, in many countries. The music of the band is appealing to anyone, being people only interested in listening to good music, as well as musicians who like thought provoking music with a lot going on. I am proud to represent the brand and to show people a huge array of what's possible to do with these cymbals."

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