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Jon Harper
Jon Harper
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  • Band/Affiliation: Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS)
  • Country: United Kingdom

I have recently been asked to take over drumming duties for an incredible band from Sao Paulo in Brazil named Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS). Their multi-instrumentalist drummer has replaced their bass player who decided to leave and with a new album close to release and a massive summer touring schedule things have really begun to heat up.

The set up for the new session needed to be relatively small and uncomplicated yet the band are running a great deal of samples and electronics. I needed a beautiful classic set up that would fit well with all the samples and synths. I'm using a Gretsch USA Custom maple 22", 12", 16" and a 14" x 8" DW bronze snare. I decided that a move to Zildjian would also be a fantastic decision and have chosen to use 13" K/Z Hi-Hats, 20" K Custom Dark Ride, 18" K Crash Ride and K Dark Thin Crashes in 17" and 18".

17" and 18" K dark thin crashes.

The lovely people at Zildjian were good enough to leave me alone in their Aladdin's cave of exquisite cymbals. I tried everything! Z's! A's! The whole range came out and was mixed and matched. I found myself returning over and over to a choice between K custom dark crashes and K dark thin crashes. It was a very hard choice but the K dark thins won the day. They are so immediate; they project, are bright enough to cut through yet still full of dark shimmering musical tones. I love using the bells of the crashes as accents and they work beautifully with mallets.

20" K custom dark ride.

I used to have a 22" that had such beautiful tones across the whole cymbal. I used it to record for years until it was eventually cracked in transit. So when I got to Zildjian it was the first thing I could get my sticky hands on. I was sure that I would be leaving with the 22" until I tried the 20" and was instantly converted. The 20" is everything that I want from a ride. It's dark and musical, the bell sound is warm yet cuts and by losing 2" on the diameter, I can crash the ride a little easier in heavy sections.

18" K crash/ride.

This is just fantastic and fits perfectly as the bridge between the 20" K custom dark ride and the dark thin crashes. It's lovely just to up the temperature of the dynamic, especially at the end of songs, by swapping from the 20" ride to the 18" crash ride before crashing out.

K/Z hats.

There is just something lovely about having a heavy bottom hat. The K customs dark hats are warm and musical and fizzle beautifully yet I don't find them fast enough for quick 'pea soup' accents. Sticking a Z on the bottom just seems to make things a little brighter and faster. I also like to keep things nice and small and compact so I use the 13".

It is such an honour to be playing with CSS. I bought the first album when it was released here in the UK and played it constantly. Which I guess is a good thing as I ended up needing to learn the songs. They are all so much fun and great musicians! It's nice to play with a band that just want to make every gig a party for the audience yet have amazing songs as well. The last show we played was in Dublin for MTV with support from MGMT and the Futureheads. I have never had such a good time onstage and am just excited that we have a whole summer of headline tours and festival shows coming up.

Next show.

6th June 2008, Rock Am Ring Festival at the Nurburgring, Germany.

Some of the many festivals confirmed for this summer include:

Glastonbury, UK.

Reading/Leeds, UK.

Fuji Rock, Japan.

Summercase, Spain.

Les Eurockeenes, France.

The second album will be released on 22nd July 2008.

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