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Michael Huang
Michael Huang
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Taiwan

In the earlier PUB, only a few drummers listen to a metronome to play drums. Michael aware of if wants to forward to higher level in the future. He must learn to listen to metronome when play drums. It is the most basic and necessary condition for who want to become the recording room drummer. At the meantime, he started to learn the computer music. It has the greatest help in his future music work.

During Michael worked in the PUB, he always brings his own drum set to work. Usually, the PUB will prepare their drum set for drummer. This is due to equipment's quality are discordant in PUB. Some stores will not sound instruments ready and it cause the band performance casual as well. Michael in order to express his personal will. He wants everyone bring their own drum set to PUB performance just like him. He hoped that PUB owners can respect band's working right. Unfortunately, it was doesn't work. Even become a pastime topic between other bands.

Usually people think play drum must be force but not Michael. He study hoe to relax at karate since childhood, and use it to play drums. The most importantly is he knows many very good friends from play drums. This is biggest harvest in Michael's music course. Now, Michael still has a pure heart, just like his first day of study play drums. And continue to fight until no longer be able to play. This is the Michael current target.

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