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Stix Hooper
Stix Hooper
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  • Band/Affiliation: Drummer / Percussionist / Producer / Composer / Arranger / Founder and formerly with the Crusaders
  • Country: United States

It all culminates with this. Stix has been named, ten times, one of Playboy and Downbeat magazine's top three drummers. As a composer, producer, actor, vocalist, songwriter, and recording company executive, Stix Hooper has at least as much, and quite possibly more knowledge about virtually all aspects of music than anybody in the business.

A native of Houston, Texas, Stix developed interest in music and the drums at a very early age. In junior high, he began devoting much of his time to the study of all aspects of music. Studying at Texas Southern University, Stix had continual coaching from members of the Houston Symphony Orchestra. He also studied at California State in Los Angeles, and received coaching form well-known private instructors.

This intensive musical education helped Stix polish his artistry and enabled his craftsmanship to be so diverse that he's been able to perform and collaborate with a wide range of artists in the mainstream of jazz, pop and contemporary music.

Stix has performed, collaborated, composed with and produced for a wide of music greats, including Arthur Fielder, George Shearing, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, B.B. King, Grover Washington, Jr., Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Nancy Wilson, The Rolling Stones and others. In tribute and acknowledgment of one of Stix's performances, Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times said that Stix shone in the line-up of top pros at the Playboy Festival with the day's high quality sounds. "Drummer Stix Hooper's band, Viewpoint, set the bar high for what was to follow." Heckman said. "Paced by Hooper's dynamic percussion work, the group moved easily and smoothly from brisk mainstream jazz to more propulsive grooves."

In addition, Stix Hooper has contributed much to the world of music and to the Jazz Community through his work with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where he served as the National Vice Chairman (the first African American to do so), having previously served three terms as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of NARAS, the largest of all the Chapters. He was the first ever three term President, and only the second African American President. His work with NARAS and the Grammy Awards has been extensive and important to kids and adults all around the world.

Among the many awards Stix has garnered are 12 Grammy nominations and numerous #1 awards from various music media along with several keys to major US cities and international honors.

And, oh yes. Then there's that "little" jazz group he formed, one that paved the way for so many jazz artists to be heard on mainstream radio stations: The Crusaders.

That would be enough success for most, but not STIX HOOPER.

Credited with CREATING an entirely new style of drumming, the jazz/funk pioneer is a man of all seasons. A noted world traveler, STIX has acquired a "Masters" in frequent flyer miles. He's toured/visited Japan over 50 times and numerous trips to Europe and South America. A master fisherman, accomplished long distance runner, he's also a chef of note, as well, winning first place in a Dallas cook-off for his seafood crepe. Stix adds, "I think I can compete with almost anybody in the kitchen. Man, I get serious behind the apron!" Acting in TV commercials and network series, he's truly a man of all seasons.

So what is next for the man who has charted new territory, broken new ground, and mastered numerous "hobbies" turning them into passions? There are many ventures in Stix's vast and varied repertoire. Could a trio, big band, or something else also be on the horizon? "All I can tell you now, is to stay tuned," Stix said.

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