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A. Jacob
Zildjian Artist | Jacob A Lg
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: A. Jacob's Inside/A. Jacob's Trio/Independent
  • Country: Spain

A. Jacob is considered by the specialized press as one of the first representatives of the post-fusion jazz and an important reference at the field of music investigation. Also, he has worked on a number of international and national shows, television, events and live concerts, studio recordings, production and post-production, television commercials, film and short film soundtracks, etc., as a musician, composer, producer and arrangement director.

He is specialized on synthetics and is an innovator at the most effect-oriented field of architectonical acoustics.

A. Jacob has participated in several jazz festivals and international seminars. He has taught and organized several master classes and labs in international and national conservatories and superior music colleges, learning centers and schools.

He has created more than 500 works where new technologies are present and noticeable resources (multimedia, interactive creations, video creations, films and short films, etc). His music is contemporary in her nature, where classic and at the same time avant-garde creations, jazz, rock, psychedelic, synthetically and improvised music disciplines fuse and confuse.

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