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Akira Jimbo
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent Artist
  • Birthday: February 13
  • Country: Japan

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"The most well-known and respected Japanese drummer/musician in the world."

His prodigious technique and brotherly nature makes him a player whose renown is truly international.

Since his professional debut as a member of the group CASIOPEA in 1980, he has been leading the music scene as a top drummer for over a quarter of a century. Making full use of his MIDI Drum Trigger System, his unique playing style is what can be called a one-man orchestra. He continues to overwhelm his listeners with his performance, which covers a field never trodden by man, combining his astonishing playing technique with modern technology. This has earned him great respect both domestically and internationally. He received the #2 award in the UK drum magazine, RHYTHM 's Reader's Poll for Most Popular Drummer. In 2000, America's MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE - the most influential drum magazine in the world - chose Jimbo to be on the cover, and they dedicated a feature article of over ten pages to him. He was not only the first Japanese drummer, but also the first Asian drummer to receive this honor. In 2003, RHYTHM & DRUM MAGAZINE celebrated its 20th anniversary by conducting a first reader's poll, where Jimbo won first place. In 2007, he was featured in Newsweek Magazine as one of the world's 100 most respected Japanese people. In 2007, he released his first solo album in 10 years,

Four Colors , from King Records. This was recorded in Los Angeles along with musicians Abraham Laboriel (B), Otmaro Luiz (P), and Frank Gambale (G). The following year, he followed up this album with Get Up! , which was recorded with the same members. He is now recording his next album, which is to be released in February 2009, only this time with Michael Landau (G) instead of Gambale.

Presently, when he is not supporting CASIOPEA projects, he finds himself involved in a number of various projects such as the Tropical Jazz Big Band, Spirit Of Rhythm, the Intelligent Jazz project in collaboration with DJ Kay Nakayama, HIDAJIMBO (a unit with Japanese taiko drum artist Shuichi Hidano), JB Project (a tag with bass genius Brian Bromberg), PYRAMID (a unit with college friends Yuji Toriyama, Hirokazu Izumi) and Synchronized DNA (a double drum unit together with Hiroyuki Noritake). When he's not busy with any of the above projects, he keeps himself busy touring around the world, giving seminars and performances of his one-man orchestra style show. Akira has this to say about Zildjian - "Zildjian is my only serious choice. I love all the Hybrids. They're the most versatile sounding cymbals ever."


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