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Kuba Jablonski
Kuba Jablonski
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Lady Pank
  • Country: Poland

Kuba Jablonski is the drummer for the band Lady Pank, a band which he has been touring and recording with for nearly twenty years! . The band is very popular and has already became an icon of Polish pop music.

Over the years he has managed to find time and focus on enjoying playing different styles of music. He has become a member of English/Polish group Neo Retros. Since 2011 they have recorded two albums, "Listen To Your Leader" and "The Legend Of Legends", and played many shows across the country. Thanks to the melodic and retro approach to the music, the band has achieved great popularity and are looking forward to working more to develop their own unique style.

Kuba has also been working as a session musician, both live and in the studio, supporting several well known Polish artists, such as Kasia Kowalska, Stanislaw Soyka, Robert Gawlinski, Janusz Panasewicz and Lukasz Zagrobelny.

He has also done drum recordings for TV commercial campaigns, recently Play Mobile, one of the biggest mobile operators on the market.

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