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Paul John Jr.
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  • Band/Affiliation: Alicia Keys
  • Country: United States

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Touring and recording drummer Paul John Jr. brings a deep R&B and Gospel feel to the music of superstar Soul Diva Alicia Keys. "I started in church," recalls John. "Gospel was my foundation. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to play drums."

It's hard to imagine that any more soul could be infused into Alicia Keys' music. But on the hugely popular hit "Fallin'" - and the rest of her highly regarded set list, twenty-three-year-old (and for the most part self-taught) touring drummer Paul John Jr. does just that, bringing a heavy R&B and Gospel feel to the mix.

Paul says that one of his main early influences was Corey Glover's Nathaniel Townsley. "At that time," he says, "Nathaniel was playing on a lot of Gospel records. I also studied with Gordon Campbell, who is out on tour with Brandy, and who happens to be my cousin. Mostly though, I just played along to my favorite records, like the Yellowjackets, Mint Condition, and any recordings with Gospel drummer Jeff Davis."

Live, you'll hear John take Alicia's well-crafted songs from her debut CD, "Songs In A Minor" and her latest "As I Am", and bring them up to a whole new level. "The gig is beautiful," he says. "I thank God every day, no cliché. Every gig is special."

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