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Yongwook Jung
Yongwook Jung lg
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Crash
  • Birthday: June 17
  • Country: South Korea

Thunder from the East, ready for the World!

Young wook, Jeong (born in Korea on June 17, 1975) is a musician best known for being the drummer of the Korean thrash metal band CRASH that is the first band to incite stage-diving and slam dancing in the history of Korean music scene. He was particularly inspired by Vinny Appice, Dave Lombardo, Deen Castronovo when starting his own music career. Though he started playing drums at the age of 17, he made a very sensational debut as the youngest heavy metal drumer in Korea with his aggressive and powerful double bass drumming.

Yongwook has performed with the band since 1991 and recently released their 6th full-length studio album. It is very respectable that he has been dedicated to only one band almost for 20 years and that he created a new era in Korean heavy metal history. He has had a significant influence on the Korean metal scene and has inspired many rock and heavy metal drummers.

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