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Arun Kumar
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Layatharanga
  • Country: India

Arun over the years, has carved a niche for himself in the world of percussion as one of the few drummers who does inter-disciplinary music. He has trained for jazz drumming under his father B.S Sukumar and trained in Carnatic percussions under Sri. S.V.Giridhar and Sri. Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma. He has also been  training for jazz drumming under Ranjit Barot.

Arun also been in Drum Fantasy Camp Cleavland – USA where he had a great privileged to learn from Drum Legends Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Will Kennedy and Keith Carlock.

For the past fifteen years, Arun has been sharing the stage with Indian classical music’s geniuses like Dr R K Srikantan,Dr M Balamuralikrishna, Vikku Vinayakram, Ustad Zakir Hussain,T V Gopalakrishnan, Trichy Shankaran,Dr L Subramaniam,

Kadri Gopalnath,Tavil Maestro’s Haridwaramangalam A K Palanivel, Mannargudi Vasudevan, Mutthu Kumaraswamy,Tabala Maestro’s Bickram Ghosh, Yogesh Samsi & Sathyajit Talwalkar, Renowned singers M S Sheela, R A Ramamani,Sudha Raghunathan,Nithyashree Mahadevan, Abhishek Raghuram, Renowned drummer Sivamani,Ghatam V Suresh & S Karthick, Khanjira V Selva Ganesh, Violin Maestro’s Ganesh Kumaresh, Mysore M Nagaraj & Dr M Manjunath,Lalgudi G J R Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi, Chiraveena Ravikiran, Vishwamohan Bhat, Ronu Muzumdar, Rakesh Chaurasia, Jayanthi Kumaresh,Rajhesh Vaidya and Purbayan Chatarjee.

Arun also has been performing with renowned Jazz musicians like Louiz Banks, Ranjit Barot, Amit Heri, George Brooks,Karl Peters,Keith Peters & Gino Banks.

Arun, along with a few like-minded musicians has formed a percussion band ‘Layatharanga’. They have over the past fifteen years, gathered a lot of appreciation and support for their experimental ventures.

Arun is featured in bands like Laya Tharanga, Rhythm Scape and Square.


Arun has toured the world with his performances,some of the important concerts are
Barbican Centre concert with a 48 piece orchestra. 
The Algerian Jazz Festival, Constantine with Dr L Subramaniam. 
The International Percussion festival held at Krakow with Layatharanga. 
The Barcelona Music Festival, with the famous Spanish guitarist Pepe Habichualla. 
The Lakshminarayana Global Festival at Leipzeg Germany. 
With Shankar Mahadevan at, New Jersey. 
With the Raj Hans Orchestra, Belgium. 
The Coin Street Festival, London. 
With Hariharan, at the Sadelers Wells Festival, London. 
At the Birmingham Museum, Birmingham 
The concert for The United Nations,  New York- with Dr L Subramaniam 
The concert at the Berlin Congress Hall.                                                            
Toured Australia and New Zeland with “HeartBeat” Percussion Ensemble.                                                     
Toured with Sudha Raghunathan for  “Morning Raga” Fusion Tour all over USA and Canada.

He has also been working in the South Indian film industry for the past 15 years. Has performed with renowned singers like Dr S P Balasubramanayam, Dr K J Yesudas, Dr P B Srinivas,Hariharan,Shankar Mahadevan, S Janaki, P Susheela, L R Eshwari, Vani Jayaram, K S Chitra, Kavitha Krishnamurthy,Usha Uthup and Vijayprakash.

Arun has also been active in the recording industry. Some of the projects he has been a part of are -

‘Raag Rang’ with Kadri Gopalnath – Sagar Music
‘Carnatic Chills’ with Ganesh Kumaresh – SARIGAMA                                   
 ‘Colours of India’ with Ganesh Kumaresh – Music Today                                  
 soundtrack of the film ‘Morning Raga’.
‘Jhoola’ with Amit Heri – Music Today                                                          
 ‘Seasons’ with Ganesh Kumaresh – Home Records

Arun has collaborated with many illustrious musicians. A few collaborations are-
With Padmashree S.P Balasubramanyam for series of concert in the Middle East.
With Guru Sri S V Giridhar for a series of concerts in Europe.
With Moby Duck, a U K based company for an inter-cultural collaborative storytelling project that was performed in South Africa with the South African dance company ‘Tribhangi’
With the Chitralekha Dance Company,U.K, for a dance-theatre project 'Tears of Fire'.
With the Annapurna Dance Company, UK for workshops and tours.
With Poland’s Indo Lucia.

Arun has also been active in the recording industry. Some of his recording projects are-
‘Carnatic Chills’ with Ganesh Kumaresh.
‘Colours of India’ with Ganesh Kumaresh.
Thandava- his solo album
Punarnava- a fusion CD with Layatharanga.
His drumming for the soundtrack of the film ‘Morning Raga’.
‘Jhoola’ with Amit Heri.
A Jugalbandhi live concert album- ‘Ninaada’ with wife Pallavi Arun.

Arun is a graded artist in the All India Radio- one of the oldest promoters of Indian classical music. Arun is an active member of the music fraternity in the South Indian Film Industry.

“Give Arun any solid object, he will tap music out of it” says Michael Patro in one of his reviews in the Deccan Herald.

“Arun’s talent along with the urge to experiment is a testimony to his work”, says Sanjitha Rao in The Hindu.

Cymbal Setup 1 (left to right)
13” A Mastersound HiHats
14” K Custom Dark Crash
18” K Custom Dark Crash
16” A Medium Thin Crash
14” A Zildjian Fast Crash
22” K Constantinople Medium Ride
20” Edge Total China

Cymbal Setup 2 (left to right)
14.25”  K Custom Hybrid HiHats
14” FX Oriental China Trash
16” A Custom EFX
9” and 11” K Custom Hybrid Splashes
15” and 17” Hybrid Crash
22” K Constantinople Medium Ride
14” ZXT Trashformer

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