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Greg Karpov
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: 5diez
  • Country: Russia

Greg spent his childhood in Vitebsk (Northern Belarus) among accordions, harmonicas, and acoustic guitars. At the age of 14, after having visited a local rock-festival, he decided once and forever to devote his life to rock-music and to be more exact to drums.

He began learning drums in the local rock laboratory that existed at that time. At the age of 17, he moved to Moscow to achieve rock success with his colleagues – the 5diez band, who say this about Greg:

"Gregory has got his own unique manner of playing. This is not taught in schools, it comes from the character formation. That's a useful weapon that we joyfully take advantage of. The technique is surely important for us: shuffle, speed, double...non-standard sizes - all this we do have and will search for in our music. Greg prefers playing with rough sound, high speed and stroke amplitude. He is also good at performing tracks with the emphasis on groove and percussion filling. He always can groove and make even the simplest riff very cheerful and non-trivial, which is very important for our music. We are very proud of our drummer as he is fully coping with all the stylistic details of our music making it powerful and unique. It is also worth emphasizing that Greg always displays adequate opinion on music, on each instrument in the band not limiting it with his own work place, the drums. It is very important while working in a team."

Greg says “Zildjian – it’s my childhood dream. My many idols chose only Zildjian. Maybe it's a subconscious influence. But first of all, I love Zildjian for their wise sound. Our atoms are identical. They fully reflect my spontaneity. Zildjian - forever!"

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