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Manu Katché
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  • Band/Affiliation: International Recording Artist
  • Country: France

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How many drummers can you tell from the first bar? Can there be a more easily identifiable drummer in popular music than Manu Katché. The signature double crash accents, the colorful flourishes of Splash cymbals, the unmistakable swing of his groove. This native of Paris, France began classical piano studies at age 7. From the age of 15 he studied classical percussion attending the prestigious Conservatoire National de Paris. He then began a career in the recording studios of Paris rapidly becoming France's first call session drummer for records and tours.

It was the incredible groove and feel that Manu supplied for Peter Gabriel's multi-platinum mega hit album "So" released in 1986 that shot Manu to international stardom. Staying with Gabriel for countless tours, Manu also began to lend his funky and tasteful signature drumming to everyone from Sting, to Joe Satriani, to European Jazz great Jan Garbarek. He toured and recorded with Sting on his "Brand New Day" CD and tour, and can also be heard on the album "Sacred Love."

Manu continues to keep busy with sessions and tours, and produced a DVD about his last 20 years in the music business, featuring playing, interviews and clinic performance footage.

In addition to his incredible groove, Manu's drum and cymbal sound make him one of the most sought after session players in the world. He relies on Zildjian A Customs to provide the colors, including those unmistakable Splash cymbal flourishes. He also uses Zildjian Manu Katché Artist Series Drumsticks.

Since 2006, Manu has been touring with his own band after releasing 3 solo albums on EMC label: "Neighbourhood", "Playground", and "Third Round".




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