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  • Country: Russia

Oleg "KOBRA" Khovrine started his professional career in late 80th as a rock-drummer of the little known “DIVO” band from provincial Rostov-city and quickly captured attention of famous Russian producer Melik-Pashaev, who offered him drum chair in Olga Kormukhina  “RED PANTHER” band with which Oleg played packed stadiums around country, appeared on major TV channels , shot three videos, recorded a smashing hit “TIME HAS COME” and album before OLGA went on as a solo  pop-diva.

In 1989 Oleg became a new drummer of a “GALAKTIKA” band, recording a first English-language CD ever in Russia, which was out in 1991 on Melodia label, album is still selling on E-BAY well, going around 100-200$ per copy. On the album, which Oleg also produced, he is a composer and author of lyrics on couple of numbers. In 1990 “GALAKTIKA” travelled to USA, where played a few successful show-cases and returned to Russia just to leave to States in 1992 for good.

In New York the band and Oleg recorded their next album “10 years after” at Warehouse Recording studios, KOBRA again produced it. “Galaktika” took part in few major rock-festivals playing before OZZY OSBOURNE and STRYPER in front of 70000 crowd in Memphis. All of that gave Oleg a chance to be approved for US green card in 1996. Oleg played actively Manhattan club circuit, recorded a lot of commercials ( Pizza-Hot, KFC) and album with guitarist Dmitry Charaev, later released in Japan, before a Russian legendary band ZEMLYANE called him to come back home in 2005.

In Moscow Oleg rerecorded all the catalog of the band, then played  the concert for the 30TH anniversary of ZEMLYANE with Glenn Highes, Tommy Iommy, Nazareth, Bonny Tyler, Kingdom Come and many others. Since then the band is actively playing all around Russia and abroad. They opened for Scorpions in 2006 before 50000 people and millions of TV spectators , took part in many TV shows and now with recently recorded “Love wins all” – anthem of Paralympics games are all over  major TV channels in Russia.

In 2007 continuing to play for ZEMLYANE, Oleg started to work with SIXTH SENSE and the band went from playing clubs in Moscow to open for such stars as MANOWAR, ALICE COOPER, TWISTED SISTER all around Europe. Magic Circle Music later released two DVDs , where Oleg and SIXTH SENSE captured playing in Bulgaria and Germany. SIXTH SENSE released debut CD on Jet Noise records in 2009. “Moments of Affection” was mixed and mastered at Finnvox studios by famous Risto Hemi. Oleg took active part in arranging of the songs and wrote some lyrics for the album.  The band now is writing new material and is well on it’s way up to getting an international record deal with major label. In the summer of 2008, recording some project KOBRA caught an attention of another MONSTER Russian act – MASTER, which is for 20+ years rocking arenas nonstop. After recording eight songs for the their upcoming CD Oleg become a permanent member of the super group, this makes him the only drummer working for TWO MAJOR LEGENDARY BAND and one new act with international potential simultaneously! With MASTER Oleg played live TV show on O2TV and was interviewed on two radio stations, not to mention rocking packed clubs in Moscow and across country four to five times a month.

Working in three bands takes a lot of time, but Oleg also manages to teach at his studio up to seven students a week, and record different projects. Lately he is on the Levon Vardanyan and Children of Labirinth albums as well as on Valery Tsygankov’s “NOTHING IS REAL”, released on “Eyebright” in Japan.

Having all of this going on and two upcoming albums by ZEMLYANE and MASTER, Kobra‘s nearest future is looking very busy and he could be a nice profitable addition to the list of artist endorsing your company products not only in Russia, but also abroad.

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