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Rhani Krija
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Sting
  • Country: Morocco

Percussionist, Rhani Krija, was born in Essauira, Morocco, in the heart of the Gnawa culture, in 1971. While in his teens, he began listening to musical styles from North Africa, which formed the foundation for the music he plays today. Well-known for his knowledge of and ability to play authentic Andalusian, Arabic, African and Latin rhythms, Rhani has become a highly sought-after, international percussionist. He has mastered a number of percussion instruments including the darbouka, the rigg, frame drums, congas, bongos, djembe, and assorted percussion.

Currently living in Germany, Rhani has spent the last couple of years recording some fine percussion samplers for major record labels; performing in a number of television broadcasts; and participating in world and jazz music festivals in France, Germany, Tunisia, Casablanca, the Netherlands, Argentina, Slovenia, and many other European countries.

As his notoriety among the artist's community continues to grow, Rhani has begun sharing the stage with such distinguished musicians as Karim Ziad, Djamel Laroussi, El Houssaine Kili, Don Byron, Omar Sosa, Pablo Parades, Mokhtar Samba, Briss Wassy, Abdel Salameh, Eda Zari, and Family Lela. Most recently, Rhani performed on Sting's current album, Sacred Love, and has joined him on his most recent world tour. (Courtesy Latin Percussion)

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