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Virendra "Viru" Kaith
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  • Country: India

Virendra Kaith, better known as Viru, has been playing the drums for over 8 years. He found interest and inspirations when he saw his uncle play drums in a classical band. At the age of 14, he started playing percussion instruments like the tumba and conga's along with his uncle's band.

In 2000 he joined a death metal band, Abhor, which introduced him to heavier bands like Slayer, Six Feet Under, Vader etc. After his short spell with the band, he joined another metal band called Cranium. The band owned a studio and record label and he recorded a single "Pariah" with the band for the Deepthroat compilation. The music was traditional metal with Indian percussion and melodies. While he was with the band he also worked as a sound engineer in the recording studio and he also learned the fine art of recording live drums. While working in the studio he played sessions drums for a local Hindi Rock band Prayag which he later joined as a full time drummer. The album however did not get released eventually.

Viru is a member of Demonic Resurrection, a melodic death metal band, who are regarded as India's best Extreme Metal band. It was two years ago that Viru joined the band, they had been searching for drummer capable of playing their music, which is extremely fast and challenging for over a year. Viru was the only local drummer who was able to play their drum parts. This extreme style of drumming pushed Viru's drum playing to another level, having to play at tempo's of over 200bpm on the double bass. This year Demonic Resurrection embarked on an all India tour playing cities untouched before like Dhanbad, Jalandhar, Anand, Indore, Silchar and also covering the metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Guwahati. The tour included opening for Opeth at Saarang '09 in Chennai.

Viru is currently recording Demonic Resurrection's third full length album which is due for release in November 2009 on Demonstealer Records.

His other band Prayag also finally re-recorded and released their debut album in August this year, which is available independently through their website.

Viru is a completely self taught drummer and enjoys playing various styles of music.

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