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Dayne Lawless
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent/Kate Alexa/Past to Present/nat Allison
  • Country: Australia

Dayne is a professional drummer based in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been playing, recording and touring with various bands for more than 18 years, and also teaches drum tuition at schools. Dayne prides himself not only giving a powerful performance every time, but also displaying a strong visual performance. His showmanship and energy are trademarks, and his passion and dedication for his craft are obvious. Always at the cutting edge of technology, Dayne incorporates triggers, loops, samples, and audio software with his acoustic drums and Zildjian cymbals to sonically recreate the rhythmic textures of recordings in live performance.

Dayne is also a product specialist and has performed at many drum festivals, in-store clinics, and workshops.

Dayne regularly tours with some of Australia's leading pop/rock performers including Kate Alexa, Rob Mills (Australian Idol), Joanne (Aria Award winner), Jason Singh (Taxiride), Past To Present, Velvet City, Dean Geyer (Australian Idol), and Nat Allison among others.

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