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Hakim Ludin
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Planet Lounge
  • Country: Germany

Sounds full of magic and rhythms inspired by deep emotions - these are the characteristics of Hakim Ludin's art of percussion. The modern Jazz and World percussionist Hakim Ludin started his musical career with a classical orchestral education at the conservatory of Karlsruhe in Germany.

After completing his degree he became involved with several jazz and avant-garde groups and is now composing music for theatre productions in Germany.

Besides his own projects, studio work and appearances on TV, he has worked with many well known jazz musicians such as Jonas Hellborg , Alex Acuna & Luis Conte and appears on many recordings.

In the field of modern Jazz and World percussion, Hakim has established a new level of artistic work and percussive art. His sensitive style of playing and colorful musical pictures are always in demand.

If one wanted to put a name to Hakim Ludin's art of percussion, he would call it 'lyrical jazz' or 'meditation in music'.

Hakim has recently been recording with Konstantin Wecker as well as touring Europe with the Persian Ensemble Zarbang.

"For me, Zildjian sticks add a total new drive and power to my playing."

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