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Pat Lundy
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Rise to Remain
  • Country: United Kingdom

I started playing my drums when I was 9 years old; although for as long as I can remember I've been hitting things and watching all my favourite drummers profusely. I had always been keen to get in to the live circuit, so much so, that many of my earlier shows, I was forced to sneak in the back entrance and avoid the bouncers at all costs!! I love playing live, It's never lost a single novelty for me.

I've learned from some pretty amazing drummers over the years; Les Binks ( ex Judas Priest ) showed me some fundamentals, from there I was able to take my playing to the next level and further my ability, applying new rudiments, and developing my own technique and style of drumming. I spend most of my time with my dudes, touring, practicing, recording and just hanging with instruments.

Music has enriched my life in a variety of ways, It keeps me entertained and gives me the motivation I need to get on with pretty much anything. I'm a lucky kid to be able to say, I have my dream job at the age of 19!

I've only ever played Zildjian, theres a cymbal for every drummer, every style.. For my style of playing, I cant think of more responsive, or brighter sounding cymbals.

Current plans for the band include finishing up in the studio recording their debut album. Shows and tours throughout october ( including main support run w/ KORN ), As I Lay Dying / Suicide Silence tour in November, Headline Tour during December, New year : Album drop date tba, Soundwave Festival Tour in Australia.. Feb/March 2011.

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