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Sam Loeffler
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Chevelle
  • Country: United States

Sam Loeffler and his brother Pete formed Chevelle in Chicago in 1995. After climbing to the top of the local hard rock scene, the band entered the studio with legendary producer Steve Albini and recorded their debut album Point #1 in 1999. After several high profile tours, Chevelle were signed by Epic Records, and in 2001 they entered the studio to record their second album Wonder What's Next. Propelled by the single "Send the Pain Below," which climbed to #1 on the Mainstream and Modern Rock chart, the album quickly went platinum and Chevelle were one of the main stage attractions at that summer's Ozzfest.

The next year, the band released the concert CD and DVD Live From the Road, and in 2004 they returned to the studio to record their third album This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). The disc continued Chevelle's winning streak; "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" climbed to #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart and "The Clincher" also received heavy airplay.

With the release of VENA SERA, Chevelle returned stronger and more tightly knit then ever. Not only does the album reveal the band's musical growth, it revels in a renewed sense drive and determination.

In 2014, CHEVELLE opened yet another doorway on their seventh full-length record, La Gárgola [Epic Records]. After nearly two decades together, six albums, and countless sold out gigs, the Chicago alternative rock outfit confidently sail through uncharted waters and emerge with a collection that's equally intricate and intimate.

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