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Victor Loyo
Victor Loyo
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Luis Miguel / No-Pals
  • Birthday: October 15
  • Country: United States

Was born in Mexico City and grew up in a family of musicians, he realized his career and studies during the last 25 years. In Mexico he studied in the free school of music (Solfeo, Harmony, classic Guitar, History of music etc.) and at the same time he studied drums with Mexican teacher Francisco Balderas (el sordo-the deaf). Some time later he continued in Acapulco Port his studies of drums with Don Rey Hernandez.
After 3 years he decided move to USA and went to New York when attend the drums school "Drummers Collective". At the same time studied privately with the big teacher Gary Chester. Some years after, Victor worked as musician (for 9 years) at the famous amusement park in Los Ageles, Disneyland. In L.A studied with different teachers like: Richard Wilson, David Garibaldi, Alex Acuna and Tom Brechtlein.
After that was when he well-known and started his work with the famous mexican artist Luis Miguel, with which one has appeared until today, in different countries and recorded cds and videos

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