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Anthony Mitolo
Anthony Mitolo
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  • Band/Affiliation: Empire of the Sun
  • Country: Australia

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Drumming since the age of 11, Tony "Sweet 16ths" Mitolo is best described as a rhymthic cocktail made up of two parts Marc Cerrone to one part Roland TR-909. Specialising in live disco and techno, Tony is all about substance and tasteful embellishment thereof – injecting something real into the (regrettably) oft all-too-hollow arena of "dance".


A force of power and movement behind the kit, you know him when you hear him. Whether it be on record or in the club there is an undeniable sensation that comes with a Mitolo beat, sort of like the kick drum is belting you in the face whilst the hats are stealing your wallet and you totally condone the transaction. Misguided simile aside, you could also describe the Mitolo effect as a vibrant and primal urge to dance. The beauty lies in the man's ability to take a relatively simple 4/4 pattern and throw enough of himself at it that it evolves/mutates/bursts into something so much more.

Gracing stages at  festivals around the world such as Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Hove and clihntless others, Tony has played in and toured with Australian such acts PNAU, Sneaky Sound System and Empire of the Sun but his primary role is drumming for boutique disco trio The Swiss..

Tony Mitolo is the soundtrack to staying up forever and can't be stopped.


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