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Antoine Mollard
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: France

I started playing drums when I was twelve. I was doing my studies as well as working on my drums at home and listened to different groups like The Police, James Brown, Maceo Parker, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder.

I remember that my first pair of cymbals were Zildjians. They had and still have a sound of their own and a great variety of models and sounds. By the time I was twenty, I started working as a professional drummer in small parisian clubs, in dances and private parties such as weddings. It was then that I decided to ONLY play on Zildjian cymbals, having experienced their real potential. Later on I began playing with various French artists such as Nadiya, Julie Zenatti, Amel Bent, Frederic Lerner, les Voix de l Espoir, Anthony Kavanagh, Jenifer, Quilapayun, Idrissa Diop, Rachid Taha.

It was also during studio sessions that I realised the real potential Zildjian cymbals had due to their power and the precision of their incredible sound no matter what type of product I used.

I am actually touring with Lorie and have packed my Zildjian cymbals in my suitcase with not a doubt in my mind that they will offer me the best quality of sound I require during the whole tour.

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