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Chris Maitland
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Porcupine Tree / Mama Mia / Rock of Ages
  • Country: United Kingdom

Chris became a Zildjian Artist in 1996 through his distinctive playing with Porcupine Tree. His work can be heard on much of the catalogue being their original drummer and a member of the band from 1993 until 2002. His set-up incorporates some favoured old Zildjians including a 22" Deep Ride, a 22" Pang and a 22" China Boy Low which also can be heard on the album 'Picture' by Kino - his collaboration with members of Marillion and It Bites.

A respected teacher at Cambridge, Chris gave lessons to a previous editor of Rhythm Magazine and with having played for the musicals 'We Will Rock You', 'Fame' and 'Grease', after travelling the globe on the International Tour of 'Mamma Mia', he has now returned to London's West End as the drummer for 'Rock Of Ages'.

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