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Cole Marcus
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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: United States

Only a select few drummers can boast major TV show appearances, endorsements with well-known percussion manufacturers, and the admiration of more experienced peers. Even fewer can lay claim to this by the age of 4.

Now just 14-years-old, Cole Marcus is impressing worldwide audiences and the entertainment industry with his amazing talent. His phenomenal drumming skills, songwriting, piano chops, and vocal abilities have garnered appearances on countless TV and radio shows, not to mention feature articles in DrumPro, DRUM!, and Modern Drummer magazines. Cole has also been seen on several TV commercials, like this LG/Vh1.

Cole is, however, a drummer and musician first. At just three years-of-age, he was called up to the drum kit by the legendary Dave Weckl at one of his drum clinics. Cole proceeded to wow the audience and Weckl alike.

By the age of four, Cole was offered endorsements with Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, and had signed with BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.). This made him the youngest person to ever land full artist endorsements and the youngest songwriter in history to sign with BMI.

Since then, Cole has signed with Yamaha DTX drums, Evans drumheads, Samson's Zoom, and several others. A highlight of Cole's year is his annual appearance at the NAMM show, where many of these companies invite him to perform and sign autographs alongside his peers, who happen to be the best drum artists in the industry.

Cole has worked with greats such as David Benoit, Regina Spektor, and can be seen in the latest music video for Josh Groban called "Brave". Cole can also be seen in his co-starring role on Disney's sitcom Lab Rats, and is featured in the upcoming drum documentary, Ferocious Drummers.

Clearly, the pride of Cole's accomplishments at a young age is his humility and compassion. He recently returned from a tour in Japan benefiting handicapped children. Cole also donates his time annually to the Jonathan Jaques Celebrity Torch Run, where celebrities come together to celebrate the lives of children who have cancer or rare blood diseases.

Cole has aspired to many things at a young age. He is homeschooled and loves hanging with his friends. He also loves playing drums and keyboards for his church's large youth ministry.

Cole is inspired by every style of music and is continually progressing in his own unique style and abilities. His interpretation and phrasing are unparalleled and, like his drumming, is an inspiration to see and hear. His songwriting, arranging, and creativity defy his age.

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