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Jason Moser
Zildjian Drummer Jason Moser
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent / Louis Brittz
  • Country: South Africa

Jason is a very active drummer in the Afrikaans Gospel Music scene (Afrikaans is the language spoken in South Africa by people of Dutch origin).

Jason’s interest in drumming was sparked at the age of 5 years after watching his local church’s drummer in action, he got his first set of drums a year later and whilst furthering his skills though tutoring with Bruce Wallace, he gained most of his experience as a teenager playing for the youth band at the church where his father still serves as a minister.

After school, Jason decided to challenge a full time career in music, through hard work and making lots of industry contacts, his career has grown to the point where his is currently working and touring with five prominent artists, including Louis Brittz. He is the ‘first call’ drummer for various producers in South Africa’s Gospel Music scene and has built up an impressive discography over a short period of time, mainly due to his close relationship with one of South Africa’s top record labels, Merchant Music.

The highlight of his career thus far was playing at one of South Africa’s largest sports stadiums, at an event where the world-renowned Angus Buchan was the main speaker. This event, "Loftus for Jesus", listed over 71,000 people attending and was broadcast live to millions more all over the world. Jason says “I have been playing Zildjian cymbals for the last ten years. I love the way they sound and I will probably always play Zildjian.”

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