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Jordan Mancino
Jordan Mancino
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Jordan Mancino’s career has graduated from playing in his parent’s garage in San Diego to performing in front of 70,000 at festivals in Europe, to being nominated for Grammy; pretty impressive for a heavy metal kid from San Diego.

A year or two prior to getting his first drum set, Jordan began listening to Heavy Metal. His passion for this genre of music started with a few purchases from the BMG mail order catalog that advertised, “Buy One, Get 10 free”.  This was the perfect opportunity for him to begin building his musical influences with bands like Pantera, Megadeth, and Black Sabbath.  These bands would provide the template for his future as a drummer.

Jordan’s life as a drummer started December of 1996 when he was given his first drum set as a Christmas gift.  It was a simple six piece set that included a set of Zildjian Amir II cymbals.  This is where his love of drums and Zildjian cymbals first started and it hasn’t stopped since.  

As he began to dig deeper into his newfound love of Heavy Metal, Jordan attempted to duplicate the sounds he was hearing on his new drum set.  According to Jordan, “if the replications were graded based on my own current standards I would have gotten an A+ for effort an F for performance… At least I gave it shot!”

Jordan’s desire to emulate his new hero’s led to his first experience as a drummer for a real band. They were a local heavy metal band from San Diego, called Edge Of Morality.   Though inexperienced at the time he tried out, the band sensed his passion for playing drums and quickly scooped up Jordan to fill the drummers throne.   Jordan practiced every second he had, and this was reflected in his accelerated improvement.  Jordan says, “Playing with musicians that were older and wiser than myself caused me to improve at a rapid pace.  I was very thankful they gave me the chance to play with them.”

After several years playing with “Edge Of Morality”, and a few other local bands, Jordan was without an outlet and on the hunt for something new.  This quest led him to meet Tim Lambesis, another local musician from the San Diego scene.  This meeting resulted in the formation of As I Lay Dying, recording of the bands first album “Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes”, and what would become a new life for Jordan.

From the band’s inception, As I Lay Dying have accumulated approximately 1,320,000 total sales in the U.S. throughout 5 albums, two Top 10 debuts on the Billboard Top 200, a 2007 Grammy Nomination for “Best Metal Performance”, countless features in various, major national and international publications, as well as countless tours playing in front of thousands of loyal and rabid fans.   These accomplishments have earned Jordan, and As I Lay Dying, a place among the genre’s major players.  This is just the beginning in what’s to become innumerable, major future milestones.


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