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  • Band/Affiliation: The Subways
  • Country: United Kingdom

Welwyn Garden City based trio The Subways have quickly established themselves as one of Britain's most undeniably Arse kicking will someone please turn that mutha up bands. Live they will blow your brains clear through the back of your skull and leave your body flopping around like a helpless rag doll being shaken by a very petulant child whos forgotten to take their Ritalin.

You wont ever want it to end ever

Since their immaculate conception in a Suburban English town in the hot summer of 2002 they have blazed a trail around, first the British, 80 packed in a room and the sound systems a bit knackered (that means sh*t for you yanks), clubs to the 5000 plus capacity, and the light systems really flashy now, venues of our fair isles.

Around this point it seemed sensible to release the bands songs on an easy to store, wipe clean format and 500,000 Cds were hastily produced and sold by the bucket load by the bands fine record company. If you dont have 'Young For Eternity' then quite simply, youre mad/ wrong and should take immediate steps to improve your life and those of your friends and family.

2 years of craziness followed! On came the U, S and A/ Japan/ Aus/ Germany and the rest of Europe. Festivals/ tours/ TV appearances/ Videos/ Awards/ Autographs/ Interviews/ Photo shoots the mighty carousel of musical dreams was spinning and we all held on tight. Faster and fasterperhaps too fast we span and all our hearts stopped when Billys horse stumbled in April and finally fell in Sept 06.

In a January 07 operation Billy had Vocal nodes removed. (google it its not very nice)

March 07 and Billys voice is stronger than it has ever been. A mere whispered Good Morning can blow a passer-bys eardrums at 100 metres. The band's rehearsal room is alive with the brilliance of the songs that are soon to make up album 2 and The Subways are climbing the walls and shaking their cage with blistering intensity Tour us now! they scream! We need to make the kids dance till their legs buckle, scream till their lungs pop and sweat till their skins slid off

New Album 'All Or Nothing' out in June 08.

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