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Jota Marsan
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Luis Eduardo Aute
  • Country: Spain

Jota Marsan was born on December 4, 1967 in Navalmoral de la Mata, Caceres (Spain). At 6 month old, his family moved to live in Madrid and at the age of 9, he extended studies of Spanish guitar (Flemish) for a year. Although he already was interested in the drums, he had no choice but continue with the guitar: to have a drum at home was an economic, space and noisy problem. So, he decided to take a battery with the typical "drum of the Colon" (packs of a well-known powder soap). Little by little Jota was leaving the guitar aside.

Another change of address was the one that gave him the opportunity to get more into the music world, meeting people with the same concerns, with guitars and basses, but curiously without drums. At 14, he bought his first drums. Without even knowing how to assemble them, he began to ask some friends with more experience: to serve the hi hat, what is its function, and so on. With this information began only in a local test practicing rhythms, and within weeks, began to rehearse with his first band. Aware of their limitations, he felt that it was wiser to take classes, but there was something we did not like. It's like when you go to get the driver's license: those desiring to catch the car, but first you have to get the book. What I wanted was to give sticks (and it did), continued testing at your site, listening to records, and playing different rhythms on top of the songs - that seemed difficult to keep the same tempo. Decided to study all these rhythms always Slate (meter time). Listened to, the shredded and took his spot. Therefore it must be said that Jota Marsan is entirely self-taught.

He has a long resume with artists whom it has revolved and still spinning, and multiple collaborations on recordings. His latin side, it comes from the 23 years when he few musicians were playing and he suggested playing salsa. It was a challenge that, unconsciously accepted - is a pace that seems easy but in salsa, the cave is the key - and that made him see the drums differently. Throughout these years has played with varius bands, playing almost all styles. Has some ability to adapt as it is a very steady player. At present this tour with Luis Eduardo Aute.

Musically speaking, Jota said: "The tempo and the groove is what prevails, without those two things there is nothing."

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