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Marching Chiefs Big 8 Drum Line
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  • Band/Affiliation:
  • School / Univ. / Institution: Florida State University
  • Country: United States

The Florida State University Marching Chiefs, recognized by Sports Illustrated as "the band that never lost a halftime," is among the largest College Marching Bands in the world with membership comprised from almost every academic department within the University. The 425-member Marching Chiefs have performed for audiences at the International Trade Fair in Damascus and for the World Football League in London. In addition, the Chiefs perform at all home and select away football games as well as the annual post-season bowl game and Prism concerts.

The Marching Chiefs, Big 8 Drum Line is one of the finest university marching percussion ensembles in the country, and they are very thankful for the incredible support of Zildjian, Innovative Percussion, Pearl Corporation/Adams Musical Instruments, and Remo, Inc.