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Mike Marsh
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  • Band/Affiliation: Dashboard Confessional
  • Country: United States

It's been a few years since Dashboard Confessional first decided to record some of their songs and release them as the spartan The Swiss Army Romance (the record was recently reissued on singer Chis Carrabba's own Anodyne Records imprint). Its been a couple of years since the release of the second Dashboard Confessional album, and the first for Vagrant, the brutal, masterful (and recently Gold certified) The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most. As Carrabba toured that record, first solo, then with some friends, and eventually as the dedicated quartet that comprises Dashboard Confessional today, a funny thing happened. The diehards who had packed his earliest shows when he was just a stage-fright wracked kid alone onstage with an acoustic guitar, improbably sandwiched between hardcore bands had spread the word about his songs like secrets, and the number of fans doubled, then tripled, and still everyone of them knew all the words to all of the songs by heart. MTV picked up on what was happening and started playing the video for Screaming Infidelities, then made Dashboard the first non-platinum act to get its own episode of Unplugged (fittingly, the DVD release of the special was later certified Platinum). A summer tour with Weezer followed. Then an MTV Video Music Award the one, of course, that was voted on by the fans. Chris Carrabba's hair was everywhere in 2002 playing the songs that made the whole world sing.

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