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Roy Moonen
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Born From Pain/Independent
  • Country: Netherlands

Roy Moonen was born in The Netherlands in 1981. At the age of 8, Roy became a member of the local marching band and orchestra. His life's mission was realized on his 11th birthday when Roy got his first drum kit and from that point on his life became fully devoted to playing drums.

In 2002 Roy started his education at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. During his time studying there he focused mainly on creating his very own unique sound and style that addresses correct technique with an open-minded flare to embrace different musical styles that ensures his style is truly one of a kind.

In 2006 Roy graduated from the Rock Academy for his discipline Drums and Music Technology. From that moment on, Roy's life as a professional musician was just starting. Roy has played drums in a variety of different styles of musical projects and bands.

Since 2008 Roy is touring intensively with Born From Pain throughout Europe, United States and Russia. Born From Pain released their latest full-length album titled Survival at Metal Blade Records in 2008.

When off the road, Roy works as a session and studio musician and maintains a busy teaching schedule with nearly thirty students.

Roy also has his own studio where he works on his own personal productions and recordings.

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