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Stella Mozgawa
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Mink
  • Country: Australia

At the core of Mink's distinctive brand of low-slung, hard-hitting rock, are the prodigious rhythmical talents of drummer, Stella Mozgawa. As unassuming and all-round quirky as it gets, Australian born Stella is to the band as what, say, Charlie Watts is to the Rolling Stones; cool as f#$% and the driving force behind their sound.

While it wasn't until the age of 13 that she finally got behind the kit for her first school rock band, following on the Mozgawa family tradition of musicianship had always been the plan; her mother(Vocals) and father(Bass) moving from relative success in their native Poland to play as a duo in bars and clubs across Australia.

"It would have been totally unnatural for me to not play an instrument in the family. That said, when I told my mum I wanted to play drums, she was like, 'No F#$%in' way!' We managed to sort things out after that though."

Thankfully, Stella ignored her mother's advice and got stuck in head first. High school rock bands provided the platform, one of which she played in with Nick's (Maybury) brother, Tim, before meeting Nick at a garage rehearsal later down the line. By this point, Stella, now only 14, had to pretend to be a 20 year old Polish immigrant with no ID just to be able to play at various clubs across Sydney. Thankfully, inspiration from drumming legends; Stewart Copeland(The Police), Tim Alexander(Primus), John Bonham(Led Zeppelin), Keith Moon(The Who) and Levon Helm(The Band) got her through. Now, six years later, expect to see her beating all that wealth of knowledge out on the drums for Mink.

"Everyone in the band clicks really well. When we're onstage the other guys are obviously doing their own thing and jamming, but Neal's definitely the biggest prankster out of all of us. It's cool because we'll get to joke about in between songs and so there's always good, positive energy all round. We're all having fun."

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