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Travis McNabb
Travis McNabb
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  • Band/Affiliation: Sugarland
  • Country: United States

Travis Aaron McNabb was born in New Orleans and is a third generation musician. With a grandfather who played pedal steel and acoustic guitar in honkytonks and a father who played electric guitar in a sixties rock band, it came as no surprise that Travis became a professional musician. The surprise was that he became a drummer. He explains, "I remember that punch in your gut from the bass drums of the marching bands at Mardi Gras. I loved the way that felt and the way it made my Grandmother dance."

Between those kinds of experiences as a child of 'The Big Easy' and growing up in a household where the stereo was on more than the T.V., music became an important part of Travis' life; learning some guitar from Dad, banging on the piano with Mommââ?¬Âbut it wasnnââ?¬â?t until just before his 15th birthday that Travis saved up enough to buy his first drum kit.

"The first day I brought that kit home Dad had his guitar and amp out, and we were playing songs. What more could a kid ask for?" Maybe just one thing. That first kit didn't have any cymbals, so when his parents bought him a birthday gift it wasn't a cheap cymbal pack of stamped tin cans - Travis' dad knew better. It was a single Zildjian A crash/ride. "I remember Dad telling me that this was the real deal, that no matter how good I got, or how far I took my playing that this cymbal could go there with me."

Travis has gone on to great success as a musician. In his late teens and early twenties he honed his studio and touring skills playing in national acts such as Seven Simons (TVT Records), Vigilantes of Love (Capricorn Records), Billy Pilgrim (Atlantic Records), and the Beggars (Island Records). He also found himself playing as a session musician on work by Shawn Mullens, The Indigo Girls, members of Sugarland, members of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Michael Been of The Call, and on T.V. and radio ads among other sessions. Much of this work also included serving as producer and/or engineer on many projects. There was also touring work as a hired player with influential punk rock band The Wipers and Grammy nominees, The Washington Squares.

All of this served as preparation for becoming a member of Better Than Ezra, which has become the focus of Travis' career for the last 10 years. The Band has sold over 2 million albums, made numerous T.V. appearances, toured the world many times, and has recently released a 'Greatest Hits' collection. The latest release from the band is entitled "Before the Robots". The album includes the song 'Juicy' currently in use as the theme/promotional song for TV's popular 'Desperate Housewives'. It also includes the single "A Lifetime" which has become yet another top-twenty hit for Better Than Ezra (their 8th so far).

Through all of his work in music as a engineer, producer, drummer for hire and songwriting band member - Travis has always remembered that advice from his father and continued to use Zildjian cymbals through it all.

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