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Vic Mercado
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  • Band/Affiliation: Bamboo
  • Country: Philippines

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Playing the drums has always been his language. Vic Mercado learned to play the drums when he was only 12 years old in his hometown Iloilo. Since they did not have a drum set, he was taught without actual drums but merely by singing and tapping the notes on his lap and stomping his feet on the floor. His first gig, only 14 years old and usually after school, was at a jazz lounge, filling in for his teacher. That was followed by playing for show bands for a couple of years and at 17, he left the country with his band to play around Asia.

He came back home when he was 21 and decided to settle in Manila where he played at local bars around the metro. He then studied under Mar Dizon, also a Zildjian local artist, then eventually got to play for the band Passage, taking the place of Michael Alba, another Zildjian local artist. After Passage hedecided to play in the rock scene with several different local bands.

Now he's with one of the country's top rock bands, Bamboo. In February 2004, they released their first album, As the Music Plays, under the EMI-PolyEast label and the said album is now double platinum. Throughout the year they've been receiving several awards some of which include Favorite Song Award or Noypi (their first single), Best New Artist and Best Group at the MTV Pilipinas 2004 Awards. Noypi also earned the band two trophies at the 18th Awit  Awards for Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist and Best Rock Performance, aside from being named People's Choice for Favorite Song. Vic was also named Drummer of the Year at the NU107 Rock Awards 2004, where his band also won the Song of the Year for Noypi, Band/Artist of the Year, Vocalist of the Year and the Listeners Choice Award. The bands second album, Light Peace Love was released in June 2005 and turned gold on the day it was released. The sophomore effort is now a double platinum as well. At the recent Nu107 Rock Awards 2005, the band was again given several awards, namely, Album of the Year and Listeners Choice Award. In 2006, the band will tour Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia)as they release an international album under EMI.

Vic joined the Zildjian family in 2005 and opened for the Simon Philipps Asia Tour Clinic in Manila, Philippines.

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