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Marcelo Novati
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent/Blackdados
  • Country: Spain

Marcelo Novati was born in Buenos Aires on March 21 1969. At age 11, he began to study drums with teachers Alex Sanguinetti and Hector Ruiz, then formed his first band at school. At 17, he began playing professionally with Sandra & Celeste with which toured throughout South America. After some years playing with Ruben Goldin and with virtuoso guitarist Luis Salinas, he was called by the great Argentine artist Luis Alberto Spinetta to play and record his new live album titled Exactas. In 92/93 he tour Europe with pianist Lito Vitale with whom he recorded two albums.

In 1997 he moves to Madrid, Spain where he began to tour and record with great artists such as Ketama, Mecano, Presuntos Implicados, Miguel Bosé, Pedro Guerra, Paulina Rubio, Pereza and Coti among others. Apart from being a much in demand session drummer, Marcelo works with a lot of producers and has his own trio called Blackdados with keyboardist Adrian Schinoff and bassist Matias Eisen, their first album will be released in the spring of 2010.

When he has time, he goes on the road doing clinics for Zildjian, DW, Remo and Wincent.

Marcelo says: "Zildjian has always been a part of my life since I got my first 16" crash in 1983...since then I can't think of a cymbal with more quality, response and feel for what I need. I definitely love my Ks!!!"

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