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Salvador Niebla
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation:
  • School / Univ. / Institution: Virtual Drummer School
  • Country: Spain

At present, Salvador is working on his second album titled Rojo working together with Spanish, American and Tunisian musicians. This summer he will be touring the UK with the Eduardo Niebla Band in June, and later do seminars with Peter Erskine in the Mallorca Islands in July. Besides his job as the Director of the "Virtual Drummer School", he is preparing a book on Flamenco and drums together with the noted American producer Sandy Feldstein, as well as a three-book method with Carish publisher company. He has earlier recorded a pedagogic DVD on Polirhythms and Amalgams to be published soon by the Editorial Mundimusica. In additon he carries out demonstrations and master classes throughout Spain

Salvador Niebla has his own band NATURAL ENERGY with whom he has recorded his first LP titled Azul acting as composer and arranger, and 26 musicians from Spain and Tunisia participated in this project. He has recorded and collaborated with a wide variety of musicians representing many different musical styles:

Jazz: Estereo, Orquesta Mirasol, Lecaros Latin Jazz, Americo Belloto Septet, Max Sunyer Trio, Benavent-Amargos, Jordi Sabates, Allan Skidmore, The Last Good Guys, Jorge Pardo, Ramon Valle, Didier Loockwood, Deborah Carter, etc.

Rock: Atila, Orquesta Mondragon, Borne, El Salvador, Teddy Bautista-Pepe Robles, Alameda, Miguel Rios, Alex Warner. Collaborates with the Eduardo Niebla Band in London whose members include musicians from: Soft Machine, Gong and Boston Pop Orchestra.

Flamenco: Iberia, Enrique Morente, La Barberia, Martirio, Manuela Vargas, Parrita, Ana Reverte, Ginesa Ortega, J. Manuel Canizares, etc.

Comercial Music: La Rodona, Samantha, La Trinca, Moncho, J. Manuel Serrat, Pau Riba, Dyango, Nuria Feliu, Hilario Camacho, La Lloll, Sonia Cortes, Guillermina Mota, Los Sabandenos, Albert Pla, Nuria Feliu, Hilario Camacho, etc.

Big bands: Accompanying Placido Domingo, Latoya Jackson, Ana Belen, Rocio Jurado, Lola Flores, Concha Velasco, Terry Venables, Rocio Durcal, Mari Sampere and Sara Montiel among others, the 1992 Jazz Awards of the Spanish Copyright Association, the 1999 Tete Montoliu Awards and the 2002 Goya Awards of the Spanish Film Academy of Arts.

In addition to playing with numerous artists and groups, he has represented Spain in the festivals of the European Broadcasting Union E.B.U and has performed in numerous jazz festivals, most notably: Grenoble France, Cologne Germany, Copenhagen Denmark, Pompey Italy, Voss Norway, New Orleans U.S.A., Bratislava Slovakia and Amsterdam the Netherlands.In 1992 he collaborated as the official percussionist of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. He also composed the music for the Spanish Synchronized Swimming Team for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and for the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 as well as the World Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Salvador started his studies in 1970, studying sol-fa and theory at the Isaac Albeniz Conservatory of Girona, Spain. At the same time he did his first performances with the Guevara Grup band. In 1979 he continued on to study Harmony in the Taller de Musicos with Mario Lecaros, Ze Eduardo and Thad Jones. From 1981-1990 he took classes with Peter Erskine, Bill Goodwin and Bob Moses, before he, in 1992 entered the Drummers Collective in New York with renown drummers such as Mike Clark, Gene Jackson, Kim Plamfield, Duduca da Fonseca, Boby Sanabria, etc.

From being a student, Salvador has now taken the step towards teaching. His publications include the books Guia del Bateria de Pop-Rock, the method VIRTUAL DRUMMER with CD Rom and the DVD Poliritmias y Amalgamas. He has imparted classes in over 25 cities within Spain and South America Conservatories, Music Schools, etc. and is also an advisor of the magazines Bateria Total and Revista de Jazz, along with being a Jury at the AIE Awards.

In 1999 he created the VIRTUAL DRUMMER SCHOOL.

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