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Daniel Ortin
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: La Cabra Mecánica
  • Country: Spain

Daniel Ortín was born on September 7th 1971. Musically initiated at the age of 17 under the wing of several teachers who were working in Barcelona at the time, from which outstand Salvador Suau and Juanjo Insausti. Between 1993 and 1996, Daneil played in various local bands, gigging all over the Catalonian territory. Special mention includes Canvi de Segle, improvisational band with rock-fusion bases with whom he recorded a CD: L'Espai, El silenci I El Vent (Liquid Records).

From 1997 to 2000 he played in several bands covering historical rock bands, such as The Bon Scott Band (covering AC/DC) and Perfect Strangers (covering Deep Purple), touring around several European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, France). This work is reflected in both live Cd's Purple Party (NB-Productions) and Volumen 10 (NB-Productions).

After a year learning from Salvador Niebla, he traveled in 2000 to New York to study at the Drummers Collective obtaining the "Ten Week Certificate" and studying with Michael Lauren, Kim Plainfiled, Memo Acevedo and Frank Katz amongst others. It is also this year when he started teaching in the school of modern music Jam Session, in Barcelona. There he actively collaborates and develops a drum method conceived by Juanjo Insausti.

In the following years, along the current commitments at the time, he tours with Grup de Folk, launching the album Els Temps Encara Estàn Canviant and with Falstebo Marí, presenting their new work Cor de Crom.

Between 2003 and 2004 he participated in the recordings of Els Temps Encara Estàn Canviant (DiscMedi) of Grup de Folk, also working with line ups suchs as Trafic, The Hot Swing Machine and Synchronicity, the latter been a band from Barcelona covering songs from The Police.

In 2005 he becomes the drummer of La Cabra Mecánica, a band with more of ten years of history in the spanish musical scene, recording the album Hotel Lichis (Dro). He's currently still working with them; they have recorded and toured all over the country releasing their lastest album Carne de Canción (Warner Music).

He has also worked, toured or recorded during the last year with Chivochivato, Daniel Higiénico, Dani Flaco, Victor Naranjo, amongst many others.

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