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Ethan Ong
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: China

Ethan Ong, born in the United States of America, raised in Singapore and currently staying in China, was attracting huge crowds of admirers when at the tender of age of 5 years old he became Singapore's Youngest Busker, receiving high TV, Radio and newspaper attention, which led to a special 30 minute TV documentary "Superkid - Singapore's Drum Prodigy" and then later a Cable TV documentary entitled "Child Extraordinaire." Ethan also participated in the Singapore Drum Festival Competition last year and clinched the championship honors in the Junior Category. He was recognized as the "undisputed winner" by the judges in this inaugural drum event held in Asia Pacific.

Ethan has received open recognition and compliments from Chris Brien and his favourite Artist Akira Jimbo:

Ethan says "I think it's super cool to be a Zildjian Artist, just like my all-time favourite Drum Maestro Akira Jimbo. It is encouraging and exciting to be able to represent Zildjian at 9 years old! I simply love the sound of Zildjian cymbals!"

You can check out Ethan at the China Drum Camp/Competition taking place in Shanghai, China during July 2008.

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