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Alex Pelletier
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Despised Icon
  • Country: Canada

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Alex Pelletier has an extreme passion for drumming. Alex began playing drums at the age of 16 (1997), and soon after got his first kit. After playing in a cover band during his high school years, Alex formed Deuterium, a local brutal death metal act with whom he made his recording debut in 2003. Constantly observing and studying other drummers, he embarked on a quest to relentlessly develop his self-taught technique.

Joining the ranks of Montreal’s very own metal act Despised Icon in 2004, Pelletier has toured North America and Europe ceaselessly, playing around 800 shows to this date in support of the band’s latest albums “The Ills Of Modern Man” (Century Media, May 2007) and “The Healing Process” (Century Media, April 2005). With both albums selling more than 50 000 copies around the world, Alex has made a name for himself being one of the top drummers in his genre.

Not only his sturdy practice routine and physical training has quickly made him evolve into one of Canada’s most promising extreme drummers, but Alex has a particular approach to writing and composing songs with original structures and innovative fills. Be sure to check him out as Alex Pelletier will definitely lead the way for drummers that aspire to push the boundaries of extreme drumming.

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