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Drummer/Composer - Ben Perowsky (N.Y.C. native) has long been at the forefront of many musical movements while constantly reinventing himself as an artist. Whether he was helping Roy Ayers pave the road for "Acid Jazz", playing in numerous bands at N.Y.C.'s "Knitting Factory" from it's conception, being closely associated with "Medeski, Martin and Wood" and Steven Bernstein (sexmob), what later came to be known as Jam bands, leading the electric jazz group (Lost Tribe) which broke down barriers of music and marketing with three cds(Windam Hill/BMG/Arabesque), playing in the legendary underground live-electronica group "Liminal" (responsible for pushing the envelope in this genre pre-dating software based laptop improv by 5 years), or touring/recording with N.Y. songwriters Erik Sanko (Skeleton Key), Elysian Fields (Radioactive/MCA), Songstress Joan Wasser of Joan As Police Woman and Ed Pastorini of 101 Crustaceans. Ben has accomplished all of this while etching out an extensive resume playing with many highly visible jazz and rock artists.

As a freelance artist some of the musicians on his roster include: infamous guitarists Pat Martino, Mike Stern, Vernon Reid, John Scofield and David Torn, Steely Dan's Walter Becker, Velvet Underground's John Cale, Song writing legend Rickie Lee Jones, award winning trumpeters Dave Douglas and Steven Bernstein, reedists Chris Potter, Ronnie Cuber, Bob Berg and Don Byron, Vibists Mike Mainieri and Roy Ayers, and Chanteuse Madeleine Peyroux. He also played percussion, wore a suit and recorded with John Lurie's Lounge Lizards (Strange and Beautiful) and recorded with afro-popstar Salif Kieta.

In recent years Ben has switched the focus on to his own musical projects. Recording and playing live as much as possible with three different critically acclaimed groups, while producing records for his own special edition label "El Destructo records", Frank Perowsky's "Jazzkey music" and John Zorn's Tzadik.

Lately Ben has been forging new musical territory with a band called Moodswing Orchestra. While drawing on his own experiences with electronic/beat driven music, ambience and world beat, Ben mixes acoustics with electronics, composition and improvising in a new brew of aural elixirs, creating a soundtrack to enhance the highs and lows of daily existence. A live trio version of this band (see photo) with Glenn Patscha - wurlitzer piano (Sony) and Markus Miller - turntables/electronics , was released March 2004 as volume 1 for El Destructo Recordings. This recording captures the atmosphere of 2002 winter in Brooklyn while nodding to N.Y.C graffiti lore and noir film music. The larger ensemble with the addition of Steven Bernstein (trpt.), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Oren Bloedow (bass), Doug Weiselman (clarinets), Pamelia Kurstin (theremin), Miho Hatori (vocals), Jennifer
Charles (vocals) is soon to be mixed and released.

While working with pianist Uri Caine's trio, Ben borrowed his trio to record "CAMP SONGS" for John Zorn's label, Tzadik in 2003. They also recently recorded live at the Village Vanguard in N.Y.C. (Winter and Winter)

Another band in the works has a more acoustic/jazz based sound. This quartet includes Chris Speed on clarinet, Ted Reichman on accordion, and Drew Gress on bass. Unrecorded as of yet.

Ben has also composed/collaged/performed music for modern dance presented at Creative Time (Brooklyn Anchorage), Context, Next Stage, Dixon Place, the Knitting Factory and Lincoln Center.

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