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Dennis Pavia
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Diecast
  • Country: United States

Diecast was originally formed in 1997, but Dennis Pavia didn't become a member of the group until May of 2006. Despite this and other changes to their lineup, Diecast have triumphantly returned with a stunning new effort, Internal Revolution, which perfectly showcases their constant evolution while fully developing their own unique sound that is destined to stand out as one of the scene’s most promising acts. With this new lineup intact, the group were able to expand upon their influences with no preconceived boundaries and the results were unlike anything they ever expected.

Pavia and the other Diecast members spent the better part of this past year fine-tuning Internal Revolution and teamed up with longtime producer Paul Trust in late May to track the long awaited effort. The disc promises to be their biggest sounding and most dynamic offering yet.

Pavia's former projects include drumming for Canadian thrashcore band Tantrum and working as a hired musician for Lindsay Robins.

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