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Jimmy Piñol
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Lax’n’Busto
  • Country: Spain

Jimmy Piñol was born in El Vendrell on July 20th, 1971. He started playing drums at age 10. He initially undertook his musical education at the Pau Casals School of Music (El Vendrell) until age 18, when he switched to Drums and Modern Harmony at L’Aula de Músics (Barcelona) all the while studying Jazz at El Taller de Músics (Barcelona). During his educational period Jimmy had the opportunity to absorb the know-how of greatly respected teachers such as Quim Solé, Julian Vaughn, David Xirgu or Horacio Fumero.

Jimmy started his professional career at the early age of 14, when he cofounded the Catalan rock band Lax’n’Busto, which would in time become an immensely popular act. He has since recorded 14 records with the band, touring Spain, South America, France and Germany. After more than 20 years the band is still going strong and enjoying undiminshed success.

Jimmy’s side projects encompass different setups and styles, such as The Rippers (punk rock), Botanica Oculta (rock), Xavi Diaz Quintet (jazz) or a musical written by Pemi Rovirosa. He has extended his resume by teaching in several schools as well as doing occasional masterclass sessions, and putting his producing skills to good use in projects like Revolta 21 (metal), Rosa-Luxemburg (rock), Los Rotos (rock), Cronistes (folk rock), and the travelling Campus Rock.

Jimmy says, "The drummers I admired when I started out were Lars Ulrich, Grergg Bisonette, Vinnie Colaiuta...all of them Zildjian artists. In order to emulate and try to sound like them I figured I needed the same gear. And truly, I always find the right cymbals, the right sound no matter what kind of project I work on: from the brightness and shimmering of A customs to the endurance and aggressiveness of the Z customs to the definition and harmonic clarity of my Ks...being part of this historic family is simply mindblowing."

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