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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Nação Zumbi
  • Country: Brazil

Pupillo is the drummer of the band Nação Zumbi, which started in the early 90’s in Recife – Pernambuco. The band was led by one of the greatest icons in Brazilian music, the singer and songwriter, Chico Science.

 As producer, Pupillo worked with musicians and bands like Lirinha (former member of Cordel do Fogo Encantado), Otto, Mombojó, Junio Barreto, Mundo Livre S/A and many others. He also has parallel projects such as “Los Sebosos Postizos”, a band that plays only Jorge Ben Jor songs with new arrangements; “3NaMassa”, a project with several women singers such as Leandra Leal, Céu, Lourdes da Luz, Pitty, Thalma de Freitas, Nina Becker, Alice Braga and many others; “Almaz”, in which he pays with Lúcio Maia, Antônio Pinto and Seu Jorge.

Pupillo has also taken part in several other albums from famous singers and bands in Brazil, such as Marisa Monte, Céu, Caetano Veloso, Vanessa da Mata, Marina de la Riva, Junio Barreto, Otto, Lirinha and many others.

As an international artist, Pupillo has written and played on international movie soundtracks such as “Partes Usadas” (Aaron Fernandez), “Solo Diós Sabe” (Carlos Bolado); and national productions such as “Baile Perfumado” (Lirio Ferreira and Paulo Caldas), “Árido Movie” (Lirio Ferreira), “Amarelo Manga” (Claudio Assis), “Besouro” (JoãoDaniel), “Linha de Passe” (Valter Salles), “Baixio das Bestas” (Claudio Assis) and “Lutas” (Luiz Bolognesi).

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