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Tito Pascoal
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Tito Pascoal Band
  • Country: United States

Tito Pascoal was born in Portugal April 28, 1994. At his 6th birthday his parents offered his first drum kit. Tito started to play for the church children's choir at the age of seven. Proficient in numerous styles, Tito loves to play Jazz, Fusion, and Funk. He excels at them along with R&B, Latin and Rock. Tito began public performances at the young age of seven years old. Tito's CD "Walk the Walk" was released in January 6th 2007 along with very special senior guests, Bob Mintzer, Tom Kennedy, Dave Weckl. Tito has performed in Europe, Canada, and the United States, in festivals, jazz venues, television and radio. as his talents and musicianship behind the kit shine well beyond his years, his maturity and knowledge of his craft are equally remarkable. He is an eloquent, educated, and well-spoken young musician. While certainly talented enough to dazzle audiences with elaborate fills and intricate solos, Tito Pascoal possesses the maturity and musicianship to value the sound of the band over the sound of the drums. Tito Pascoal is a prodigy, an artist and an inspiration to adults and children alike. Standing just shy of five feet, (four atop his drum throne) Tito Pacoal is undoubtedly the next big thing. In 2008 Tito released a CD with guest artists: Richard Bona and Dave Weckl.

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