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Uwe Petersen
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: United States

Uwe Petersen, is a drummer working and living in New York City. He was born and raised in Germany. While there (in the early 1990s) Uwe got big media attention as the drummer in the house band for a TV show called The Knoff-Hoff-Show. Knoff-Hoff was seen all over Europe, Japan, Australia and parts of the United States. "I was lucky enough to be part of the show for three years of its ten year run", he recalls. After that Uwe went on working in different Theater/Musical settings and toured the world with the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Hair. The last five years have been a blur of touring and recording for him, with the multi gold-record-selling R&B supergroup Supercharge based out of Liverpool, England. After relocating to the US in 2005, he had a dream come true, when Uwe got to record a bunch of tunes with New Orleans music legend, Dr. John. Uwe Petersen's latest project is the Dirty Sock Funtime Band, a rock band for kids with whom he can be seen on the Nickelodeon/Noggin TV show Jack's Big Music Show and in theaters around the country.

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