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  • Band/Affiliation: The New Regime / Nine Inch Nails / Lostprophets
  • Country: United States

Rarely is so much noise generated by one individual, but Ilan Rubin has been creating, arranging and performing for years. Only 22 years old, Rubin has been involved in the music industry for most of his life, picking up the drums at 8, and in quick succession mastering the guitar, bass and piano. Armed with a veritable musical arsenal, Rubin was content to cut his teeth playing drums in numerous outfits, including stints drumming for Welsh rock act Lostprophets and industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails. With The New Regime, the one-man outfit he created in 2007, Rubin has unleashed an authentic rock opus and a cheat-sheet to modern living. Through Speak Through the White Noise (April 26, 2011) an album entirely written, sung and played by Rubin, The New Regime reaches the critical mass he has been moving toward the majority of his life.

On Speak Through the White Noise Rubin has deftly created a climate of anxiety and discomfort, examining the current state of information dissemination, and how an economy of fear and anxiety has been created with the American public as the consumer. “Live in Fear” is a call to arms, an argument for agency amidst searing guitars and hard-driving drums. At moments Rubin’s voice sounds unhinged as he questions where the madness comes from, fueling it as he tries to dismantle it. “Enjoy the Bitterness” showcases Rubin’s piano skills laced with effect-laden vocals, a pop song buoyed by melody and anchored by foreboding vocals. “What Brings Us Down” – mainly recorded in one day at home and completed in various hotel rooms on days off during 2009's NIN/JA tour – is slower-paced, imbuing it with a more pensive vibe. Acoustic guitars ramble under Rubin’s higher register singing, building to the chorus that sees sadness give way to frustration.

Find out more about Speak Through the White Noise and The New Regime, including a teaser video for the new album at

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