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Jan Rohlfing
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Drummers Institute/Independent
  • Country: Germany

Jan Rohlfing had drum lessons from the age of eight first with Herwig Mitteregger and later at the music school in Duesseldorf. During his drum study in the U.S.A. at the Drummers Collective in New York and at the Musicians Institute (P.I.T.) in Los Angeles, he finished with the P.I.T. “Vocational with Honors” and won the “Zildjian Outstanding Drummers of the year” award.
He took private lessons with Kim Plainfield, Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Rod Morgenstein, Mike Clark, Peter Erskine, Steve Houghton, Frank Malabe and Gary Chaffee and Jim Chapim.

In his early years he already played various sessions with George Maycock, Ali Haurant, Jeff Andrews, Luis Conte and is up to now still working in countless Rock, Pop, Jazz Fusion and Latin Bands.

In 1988 Jan founded Drummers Institute in Duesseldorf as a hands on drum school . Jan had the goal to build a highly inspirational environment for musicians - especially drummers -and established a professional teaching system based on the American method.

Since 1989 Drummers Institute has been working in coorporation with the New York Drummers Collective. Being the first European affiliated drum school,Drummers Institute offers information as well as exchange and preparation programs and seminars with staff members of Drummers Collective.

Meanwhile there are over twenty top notch musicians teaching at Drummers Institute.
Through a strong faculty, high quality teaching programs and workshops by guest
musicians such as Peter Erskine, Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips, Cindy Blackman, John Riley, Jeff Hamilton and Adam Nussbaum, Drummers Institute guarantees a high level of education for the professional as well as the leisure musicians.

Drummers Institute has been quoted by moderrn drummer magazine to be one of the best drum schools in Europe.

Within the last fifteen years he has been working in musical and theatre productions such as Starlight Express, the Musical Stella Event Gala Band, Cats,Les Miserables, Joseph, Cha Cha Cha, La Cage aux Folles, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Superstar, Beauty & The Beast, Windy City / Extrablatt,Piraten, Girls, Girls, Girls, Was Ihr wollt, Nun(n)sense, Cabaret, Hello Dolly, City of Angels (Musical of the year 1998), Evita, Black Rider, Arche Nova, Dreigroschen Oper, Hair, Kommze rauf, Kannze gucken, Victor & Victoria, Christmas Show 2002 & 2003, Tommy (The Who) or Anything Goes, And the World goes round, Anatevka to name but a few.

Since 1989 he has been working at the summer festivals in Weilheim, Bad Hersfeld and Ettlingen and is since 2001 furthermore orchestra member of the Stage Holding production “Elisabeth” in Essen which has been voted to the musical of the year 2001 as well as the following Broadway production AIDA (music by Elton John) and Phanto of the Opera, where he is also playing classical percussion.

Jan has been active in many record-, CD-, Radio- TV and promotion productions where he - amongst others – has been working with Wallenstein, Kim Merz, FKK, the Rosani Reis Band, The All Star Band with Peter Bursch, Helge Schneider, Rocktheater N8schicht, Purple Schulz, Anne Haiges, Juergen von der Lippe, Stoppock, Isabel Dörfler, John di Martino, the Tristars, Michael Frowein, John Cashmore, Wencke Myhre, Tobias Tak, Tomy Emanuel, Angela Frontera, Hollywood Bebop, Nippy Noya, Touch of Venus, the Jockers, the Bertl Boyz, the Soulsuckers, Guildo Horn, Suemer Ezguel, and Andreas Scheinhuette (book Rockguitar 2), Mueriel Anderson, Jerry Donahue and many more.

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