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Janus Nevel Ringsted
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: Spleen United / Tina Dico / WhoMadeWho / Gaetan Roussel / Vincent Van Go Go
  • Country: Denmark

Recently, Janus has been playing and touring with Spleen United. They are currently working on their third album, comming out in September 2011. He's been touring The US and Europe the last two years with them. Aside from working with Spleen United, Janus has also been touring with Tina Dico, and WhoMadeWho the last few years, and he will be touring this summer with the French artist, Gaetan Roussel.

Prior to this work, Janus worked with Vincent Van Go Go, a sublime live band - so why not take advantage of that?

Late one night in the wake of an exhaustive three-week-tour of the American South ending "at home" in Los Angeles, Vincent Van Go Go hits the studio in West Hollywood. In the producer's chair sits founder of Quango Music - the group's US label - Bruno Guez. After a couple of sluggish takes from an off-their-game band, Bruno decides to fill the studio with PEOPLE, and as if touched by magic the five young men instantly rise to the occasion. It's a party! There's no stage, no dancefloor, no bar, just a small recording studio and an enthusiastic audience.

This is when Vincent Van Go Go realizes just how important their audience is to them, and this insight becomes an important factor in the making of their 2nd album.

PEOPLE was recorded in 8 days in Thomas Troelsen's Delta Lab in front of a live studio audience partying, dancing and chiming in at will.

"The energy emerges between us and the audience - it makes no sense to assume this is not the case just because we're in the studio."

Even before the debut album is released in Denmark, Vincent Van Go Go is contacted by Bruno Guez. He has heard Vincent Van Go Go on the Paris based radio station Radio Nova, which has the Danish group's debut single in heavy rotation. This kickstarts an American/Canadian adventure of four consecutive tours covering most of that territory, including opening dates for the man responsible for coining the term "reggae," Jamaican icon Toots and his Maytals. The group plays several shows in and around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto, and tops it off with a cross country tour of the American South.

The majority of the songs on PEOPLE were concieved on the road while touring in either USA, Canada, Brazil, France or Scandinavia.

Realizing that life is not always a walk in the park, Vincent Van Go Go tries to keep a positive outlook. The musical expression is equally positive with a playful yet honest approach to topics like love, identity, politics, and the pursuit of happiness.
"Groovy and giddy" was how the bulk of the Danish media characterized Vincent Van Go Go after the release of the debut album.

"That role is certainly not self-imposed. In a country like Denmark, you're easily placed in some sort of "silly-box" if you seek out a more outgoing and positive expression."

PEOPLE is about PEOPLE and the importance of going out and meeting them in all shapes, sizes and colors. PEOPLE is about self-reflection and finding your own path by mirroring yourself in the people you meet.

On March 10, 2008, Vincent Van Go Go's 2nd album PEOPLE is released on Murena Records / Playground Music Scandinavia.

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