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Jordi Rosello
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Allen Suite/Independent
  • Country: Spain

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Jordi Rosello is known as a symbol of passion and devotion to the drums.

He studied music since his childhood and played in different non-professional bands before engaging in professional sport. After a serious injury, fate then played a part in his life which made him successful in the world of fashion. However at the age of 24, he decided to leave his prestigious career and lose not one more second without engaging in his passion and studies, the drums and music.

After playing with a couple of bands and working on various projects, in 2009 Jordi achieved recognition as a drummer with his band's debut album Alien Suite, with whom he continues to develop his career.

He also composes and creates as a producer for other musicians and in different audio-visual areas.

Jordi says "Over the years and listening to the sound of the best drummers you realize that Zildjian is the symbol of greatness and perfection of sound on the drums. The first time I used a Zildjian cymbal in my set-up it wrapped me in a sense of sound quality that all good drummers wants to have. That day I began to discover the reason for the greatness of the best brand. At the drums I'm always anxious to play pieces that make me get the most out of each of my cymbals. I enjoy them at every touch"

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