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Sebastien Rambaud
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The Fill's Monkey
  • Country: France

Sebastien started playing music in 1994, he followed drum and classical percussion lessons as well as piano and jazz guitar classes.

In 2000, he joined the band JMPZ with whom he recorded two albums (Subsonic in 2004 and Sound Asylum in 2007), they tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec with over 500 concerts in total. Presently, Sebastien is a member of Fill's Monkey (Drum Battle with Yann Coste). Batucadapulse, Buttshakers and Nudje (with D'jul Lacharme (Alpha Blondy)) he has collaborated with numerous artists from many different fields including:- Métal Kartoon and Mörglbl (with Christophe Godin and Ivan Rougny)- Parabellum- JD Davis (David Guetta)- Outside Project (James Mc Gaw (Magma) - Eric Prost)- Nono (Trust)- MacZde Carpate

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